OEM In-App and In-Browser Payments


The Interac Debit In-App and In-Browser payment solution is the simplest and most secure way to connect your checkout experience to existing mobile wallet platforms (Apple Pay & Google Pay). It provides an easy and simple way to pay for goods and services with one touch or passcode, bypassing all the steps usually required when making an online purchase, including entering shipping and payment information.

Key features

  • Merchants benefit from the good funds model, where payment is received immediately, and chargebacks never occur.
  • Build using the Interac TSP, where financial information is tokenized. Merchants can enjoy low risk.
  • Consumer’s identity is verified by their financial institutions prior to their debit card being added to their mobile wallet.

For more information about key features, see here.

Value propositions

  • Customer Demand – Addresses the merchant’s demand for access to all Canadian debit card holders within Interac.
  • Revenue Continuity – Ensure revenue continuity while digital transformation shifts payments from POS and online desktop to mobile.
  • Seamless Multi-channel Payment Experience – Ability to purchase online and return in-store.

Who can use it

Financial Institutions, Payment Partners.

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