AR, FR, and QR: Hackathon Season 2019 Kicks Off

2 minute read
2 minute read

Our 2019 Hackathon season started off with U of T Hacks in January. This year 13 teams competed in the Interac challenge to win a team prize of $1000. The winning team, FaceLyft, impressed us with a well-thought out user experience and integration of our beta API with facial recognition and SmartCar API.

Then, because one Hackathon just wasn’t enough, we took a trip over to Montreal for McHacks 6. The challenge here was the same (with the same incentive), and even though the Hackathon was much shorter (only 24 hours), we saw some great integrations with the API. We chose the PayAR team as the winner after seeing how they created a digital shopping experience using augmented reality and QR codes.

Congratulations again to all the winners! ???

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