Blockchain Research Institute announces INTERAC® as Founding Member

2 minute read
2 minute read

Earlier this week at the TakeOver Innovation Conference in Toronto, attendees packed into a room at the Arcadian Court and Loft for a Blockhain Panel, called Decentralize or Bust!

Before diving in to their thoughts on the future of Blockchain, the panelists discussed Canada, and how Toronto’s diverse environment makes the city an ideal place to foster innovation in technology. As pointed out by Hilary Carter (Director of Faculty at Blockchain Research Institute), our differences are not walls – diversity here means a real opportunity for collaboration.

Perhaps proving the point, the Blockchain Research Institute (also based in Toronto) announced yesterday that 16 organizations were joining its initiative as Founding Members. Of those organizations, 14 have a presence in Canada and 13 have offices in Toronto.

We’re proud to be announced as a member in this group, and look forward to collaborating with the BRI and the other 43 founding members as new shifts and developments push our industry forward.

The Blockchain Research Institute is a think-tank that researches the impacts of blockchain technology as a digital economy. Their team of experts have taken on the task of investigating “… blockchain strategies, market opportunities, and implementation challenges” across a broad range of industries.

Our own initiatives include working with TMX Group on a documentary, and a new partnership opportunity that will be announced soon. Click here to view the documentary and stay tuned for updates!

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