Highlights from #MWC17

1 minute read
1 minute read

Oscar Roque, AVP, Mobile Platform and Products attended Mobile World Congress this year. Below are some of his highlights from the event in Barcelona.

Highlight #1 – Solving the data question
There has been a lot of discussion about data, particularly since IoT is a hot topic at this year’s conference. Data needs to work across industries and solution sets. It powers process re-engineering and automation. There is still a gap, especially with Fortune 500 companies who are far behind in terms of data readiness because of disparate data and how to understand the need for the right security measures of how it is housed and what can be shared. Many organizations are still trying to figure out how to solve their data problem not just for their organization but when it needs to work across and with other organizations.


Highlight #2 – Using IoT to create value
With more connected devices than the number of people around the world, there is significant opportunity to drive meaningful productivity and value. New business models will be created as organizations exploit insights once they have captured, gathered and analyzed data used. There is an estimated 4T of value that can be created over the next 10 years.


Highlight #3 – Content, where and when you want it
Content may be king, but access is equally important. On demand content, interoperability and a quality experience are critical to building an audience for Internet TV. Business models are still changing as new insights on usage, type of content and behaviour evolve.

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