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INTERAC® Debit on Samsung Pay: A Key Milestone

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2 minute read

So what do you get when you partner with Canada’s #1 payment choice with one of the world’s largest OEMs? You get Interac® Debit on Samsung Pay.

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Releasing such a cool product didn’t happen by accident. We worked closely with Samsung through collaborative usability whiteboarding sessions, and non-stop-coffee workshops. We considered how Canadians use technology and how they feel about their money – from the experience a user will have when they tap, to the security of knowing their information is safe; no detail was missed.

As Canadians, we love our mobile devices. In fact, it’s more than likely that you’re probably reading this very post on your mobile phone or tablet. With 73% of us using smartphones, and more than 99% wireless coverage across Canada[i], we have never been more connected, informed, and empowered.

We’ve been working to deliver more convenience and integrated experiences to the Canadian market. We know how important these services are. Look at Interac e-Transfer® for example, this year Canadians will send, request and receive money over 230 million times (up from 158 million last year).

On average, this adds us to Canadians choosing us over 16 million times every day to pay friends, buy clothes, food, pay vendors and get services. With 52.2% of market share by transactions, Interac is the #1 payment choice for consumers and merchants alike[ii].

Our commitment to delivering convenient and secure payment methods to Canadians has resulted in Apple Pay, Android Pay, and now, Samsung Pay – allowing Canadians to pay when and how they want. For us this is an exciting milestone: a major step along a journey towards connecting with more issuers, more devices and more wallets.

To achieve our mission of giving end users more ‘flexibility, convenience, and control’, the road ahead includes in-app transactions, IoT payments, digital identification and more collaborations with additional OEMs and Canadian financial institutions. There is more to come from us in the near future – keep an eye on this space!


[ii] According to a 2016 Nilson report

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