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New White Paper: Insights on Digital Identity

1 minute read
1 minute read

Digital identity: A world promising “…fast, seamless, convenient, and secure transactions that can be conducted through any channel”.

Our individual online identities are many and spread across different apps, platforms, agencies and organizations. We have email (often multiple addresses), accounts with our banks, social media profiles, digital wallets, the accounts we use to watch shows, movies and listen to music.

“As twenty-first century consumers, we are now so used to asserting our identity every time we register for yet another online service or app that we rarely stop to consider how complicated our individual collections of identities have become…”

The move towards digital identity in Canada is still in the early stages, so to imagine the future we started with the bigger picture.

This white paper (available in English and French) is an examination of how we fulfill the promises of the digital economy while delivering “…secure yet convenient digital identification and authentication…”.

Insights on Digital Identity covers what success will look like, essential components such as ubiquity and openness, and a framework for building a solution.

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