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4 Key Online Conversion Strategies to Apply Today

1 minute read
1 minute read

According to eMarketer, Retail eCommerce Sales in Canada is expected to reach $55.78 Billion by 2020 – so it is no wonder that online sales conversion was the major theme at this year’s eTail Canada conference.

Here are four key strategies discussed and that you should consider applying to your ecommerce strategy today:


  1. CX Culture – As desktop commerce shifts to mobile, it is important to revisit the experience on that small screen. It is harder for a person to go back and forth between pages, load times need to be quick and one needs to be able to pinch and zoom on imagery with ease. Revisit your online experience on your mobile device and look for those friction points that can be easily remedied with UI or CSS changes.
  2. Leverage data – Use your data to uncover how people are browsing your online store, who is browsing and who is buying what. In many situations, you may uncover new target audiences and even the need for new products based on the habits and purchases of your online consumers.
  3. Connect the steps to clicks – Personalize the experience for your customers whether they are visiting you in your physical or your online store. You can start by encouraging in-store purchasers to act on an email receipt promotion or contest. The more you can connect the experience between online and offline, the more engaged people will be.
  4. Eliminate payment friction – retailers are always looking at how they can provide a more seamless and convenient checkout experience. The easier it is, with less information for a person to fill out, the more likely the customer will complete the purchase.

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